Food Allergies

Life Threatening Food Allergies
To ensure the safety of your son or daughter who has a life-threatening food allergy, we request that medical orders, medication/equipment, and a nursing care plan be in place prior to attending school.

Please review the resources available below. Contact your school office, school nurse or Food Services if you have any questions.

All forms may be obtained from your school nurse or by clicking on the links below. Remember, many of these forms need a physician’s signature and should be on file with the school nurse to provide a safe environment for students with severe food allergies.

Food Allergy Action Plan

We request that forms be returned to school and reviewed/approved by the school nurse prior to the start of the school year. Please include any additional information that you or the licensed health provider would like to share.

Mild Food Allergies
While these food allergies are not life threatening, they can still be bothersome and symptoms can distract a child from their learning. Please complete the following forms and return to your school nurse.

Food Allergy Action Plan

Again, any questions may be directed to your school nurse or Food Services.

Other Dietary Issues
Some students may have other special dietary needs due to diabetes, celiac disease, or even religious or cultural preference. If your child has special dietary needs, please provide a doctor’s note or prescription.

Please report immediately any changes needed in emergency contact information, medication, health status, etc. Thank you for your continued assistance in helping us provide a safe school experience for your child.

Affton Schools Menus are posted to You now have the opportunity to utilize the allergen filter to make school meal planning for your student easier than ever before. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Brittany Gillick, Director of Dining Services via email or at 314-633-5984.

Other Important Information
Mesnier Primary School and Gotsch Intermediate School are to be considered “peanut safe.” The school cafeterias will provide a separate table for students with allergies. No student with food containing an allergen that a student at that table is allergic to may sit at that table. Tables are to be washed thoroughly before and after each lunch period. No products containing peanuts or tree nuts will be served at either school.

Rogers Middle School and Affton High School will provide an allergy safe table for students per request. Peanuts and other allergy foods are served at these locations but are labeled on the serving line.

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