RMS Summer Reading Club

Dear Rogers Middle School Parents and Students,

The results of our Spring Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) indicate that our students made tremendous gains in their literacy skills through the year. Current research indicates that reading over the summer months can prevent students from regressing. In order to encourage students to keep up their reading habits over the summer, we have established the Summer Reading Club here at Rogers Middle School.

Students are to read grade-level and age-appropriate books and keep a record of their reading on the enclosed form. Students who participate will earn a variety of incentives. Please note – a book is not defined by a certain number of pages. Only completed grade level and age appropriate books are counted.

Read 3 books – earn a “free pass” – such as a free homework pass, hall pass, tardy pass, first in lunch line pass, etc. The students will be able to choose.

Read 6 books – earn an invitation to a picnic lunch provided by RMS. Students will be invited to enjoy a picnic on the field and basketball courts, complete with games and an entire lunch period to enjoy. Students will also receive the “free pass” in addition to the picnic lunch.

Read more than 6 books – student’s name will be entered into a special drawing- one chance for every book over six. Names will be drawn for special prizes at the picnic lunch. They also receive the picnic lunch and free pass.

Students are to keep a record of their reading on the RMS Summer Reading Club progress log which is included. These logs must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to school the first week of school in August. Students will be recognized and given their incentives shortly after school begins. The date of the picnic lunch will be determined at that time.

A recommended reading list of Young Adult Literature is also included, along with other reputable sites for recommended reading lists. Most of these books can be checked out from the city or county library, or purchased at local bookstores in the metro area.

We appreciate your support and encouragement of this program at Rogers. Have a safe and enjoyable summer. Happy reading!

Recommended Reading List

Summer Reading Club paws 2015

Download (PDF, 55KB)