Affton Orchestra

Violin with notes

Gotsch Intermediate School

842-1238 ex. 12516

Rogers Middle School

351-9679 ex. 12516

Affton High School

638-6330 ex. 12516

updated October 14, 2013

Gotsch 4th & 5th grade strings

Affton Music Boosters

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SMARTMUSIC Files:  (must have SMARTMUSIC subscription to open files which can be purchased at Nottelmanns Music Store)


           5th Grade Strings:                     Pitsi-Kahto Violin

                                                           Pitsi-Kahto Viola

                                                           Pitsi-Kahto Cello

                                                           Pitsi-Kahto Bass



            6th Grade Orchestra:                            


           7th & 8th Grade Orchestra: 


            High School Orchestra: