Dear Affton Students, Parents and Community:

Improvement is something we are all familiar with; it is taking whatever the status quo is now and making it better. Continuous Improvement is the ongoing process of systematically making improvements, and it follows a four-step model: Plan, Do, Study, and Act. I believe the key to continuous improvement is in the studying stage. Evaluating the effectiveness of everything we do will help to ensure that, as a district, we are always moving toward excellence.

In Affton, we are striving to integrate the continuous improvement process at all levels. Students are encouraged to reflect on not only what they just learned, but more importantly, on the strategies that work best for how they learn. Teachers are incorporating it into the way they run their classrooms and communicate with their students. Principals are using the continuous improvement model in their Building Leadership Teams at each school. At the district level, we are using continuous improvement to make data-driven decisions about all of our initiatives.

An example of this is the changes we are making in how we integrate technology at all levels. Earlier this year we invested in a major upgrade of our infrastructure so that it will be able to facilitate our technological advances in the future. A recent study showed that 93% of school districts report they they will not have enough bandwidth to support increased technology integration in the next five years. Affton now does. We are already working on providing more technology platforms to enhance the student learning experience, including new software and apps, iPads, netbooks, and Chromebooks. Part of the continuous improvement process will be evaluating our integration of this technology and looking at data to make decisions about what it can add to our learning environments and where it will make the most impact on student outcomes.

Continuous improvement is a journey; one that Affton School District began three years ago. I believe that through our commitment to continuous improvement and strong relationships between home, school, and community, our students will achieve success like never before. It is an exciting time to be in Affton, and I am proud to be Affton Strong.

Steve Brotherton