References & Verification of Employment

The district maintains information regarding current and former employees as confidential within the limits of the law.  Per Board policy GBLB References, only the Superintendent or Payroll/Benefits Manager, as the designee, may respond on behalf of the district to a reference request for a current or former employee. District employees must direct reference requests to the Business Office.

Please direct requests for verification of employment and references to the Business Office. You may send a written request to Affton School District, Business Office, 8701 Mackenzie Road, St. Louis, MO 63123,  Attn.:  Kathy Hake, Payroll/Benefits Manager.  You may also fax your written request to:  Kathy Hake, Business Office, 314-631-0030, or email the request to

Board policy GBLB provides that responses to request for verification of employment or a reference are limited to the scope of the policy.  Please read the policy for the specifics here.