References & Verification of Employment

The district maintains information regarding current and former employees as confidential within the limits of the law.  Per Board policy GBLB References, only the Superintendent or Human Resources & Payroll Manager, as the designee, may respond on behalf of the district to a reference request for a current or former employee. District employees must direct reference requests to the Business Office.

Please direct requests for verification of employment and references to the Business Office. You may send a written request to Affton School District, Business Office, 8701 Mackenzie Road, St. Louis, MO 63123,  Attn.:  Kathy Hake, Human Resources & Payroll Manager.  You may also fax your written request to:  Kathy Hake, Business Office, 314-631-0030, or email the request to

Board policy GBLB provides that responses to request for verification of employment or a reference are limited to the scope of the policy.  Please read the policy for the specifics here.