Free & Reduced Meals

The Affton School District participates in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs. This allows families the opportunity to apply for Free and Reduced Price Meal Benefits. Applications are available from the District Administration Office or the School Principal’s Office. Income information is treated very confidentially.

Household Size Annually Monthly Weekly
1 $21,775 $1,815 $419
2 29,471 2,456 567
3 37,167 3,098 715
4 44,863 3,739 863
5 52,559 4,380 1,011
6 60,255 5,022 1,159
7 67,951 5,663 1,307
8 75,647 6,304 1,455
For each add’l person add $7,696 $642 $148

Children need healthy meals to learn.  Affton School District offers healthy meals every school day.  Breakfast costs $1.20; lunch costs $2.15 at Mesnier Primary School and Gotsch Intermediate School and $2.25 at Rogers Middle School and Affton High School.  Your children may qualify for free or for reduced price meals. Reduced price is $0.30 for breakfast and $0.40 for lunch.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an application for each child?
No, only one application per household.  This includes all kids or adults living in the same household.  They do not have to belong to the same family.

How do I qualify for Free or Reduced Meals?
Your qualification is based on the number of members in your household and your income.  The income table is attached to the application.  Families or students that receive Food Stamps or Temporary Assistance will qualify for Free meals.  They still must fill out an application to be approved.  The family will be responsible for charges incurred while the application is being approved or if the application is late/not turned in. Please encourage all families to turn in an application before school starts.  Do not delay.

How do I know if I was approved or denied for Free or Reduced Price Meals?  
All applications turned in will be notified by a letter from the Food Service Office that states whether or not the form was approved for free or reduced meals or denied.

What if I have an emergency and the family needs help right away?  
If you have an extreme case such as abuse, neglect, or fire, etc, the principal may fill out a form for the student or family and sign.  Once the form is approved this student or family will be approved for free or reduced meals.

I qualify for free meals and I have a balance from last year.  Do I have to pay?  
YES!  All balances from this year or last year still have to be paid even if the family qualifies for free meals.  An application must be filled out and approved before any meal benefits can be received.  If you charge meals for your child before becoming approved for free meals you will be required to pay those meal charges.

I was approved for free lunch in another district.  Do I have to fill out the form again?  
Yes, I must have a current application on file for each family and child for the Affton School District.  Meal benefits do not transfer school districts.  The family or children will be expected to pay for meals until a new application is approved.

Where do I turn in the Free and Reduced Application?  
The application may be mailed or dropped off to the food service office at 8309 Mackenzie Road, Affton, MO 63123.  You can also turn in the application in person to any café staff or school office.