March 2019

#afftonstrong Students - March 2019

Congratulations to our March 2019 #afftonstrong Students! They include:

Meet Max A., Affton Early Childhood preschooler and #afftonstrong Student. From his teacher: Max is such a kind and courteous person.  You can always count on Max to check in on his peers that are sick or absent. He asks all his teachers every morning, "How's it going today?" He asks about teacher's kids or his friend's family etc. He is the student in the class that hugs someone that is crying or helps someone up when they fall. You can can always count on Max to come up with great ideas to solve problems especially people problems. He applies everything he learns in the the classroom and tries his best all the time! Oh and when he smiles he lights up the room. Many peers in his class look up to him and model his great kindness. 

Meet Sadie A., Mesnier Primary School first-grader and #afftonstrong Student. From her teacher: Sadie is positive and excited to come to school every day.  She is always looking for ways to help others and show kindness.  She is excited to work with and build relationships with every student in the class.  No matter who she chooses or is assigned to work with, she shows enthusiasm to work with them and to share her learning.  Sadie looks for people who need someone to play with at recess and is happy to work with anyone needing a partner.  She is a quiet leader who leads by example and gently guides those around her.  I look forward to teaching her every day!  

Meet TJ B., Rogers Middle School eighth-grader and #afftonstrong Student. From one of his teachers: TJ is such a hard worker. He understands the importance of his studies and asks questions when he does not understand a concept or step. He sets himself up for success by removing any distractions that may be inhibiting him from learning, which may be his friends. As an eighth-grader, this is such an incredibly hard thing to do, but he does it with ease. If he gets flustered, he removes himself from the situation to collect himself, and then returns when he is ready. TJ always has a smile on his face and respectful to both his teachers and his classmates. He is an excellent example of #afftonstrong because he strives for excellence through consistent, hard work.

Meet Katelyn B., Rogers Middle School eighth-grader and #afftonstrong Student. From one of her teachers: Katelyn is the kindest, happiest, most understanding, and hardest-working student that I know. She is always on her  A-game when she comes to school and she consistently has a smile on her face. She thinks outside of the box, and is excited to share her thought process with anyone who will listen. She is the first to lend a helping hand to a peer, and, although she can speed through a topic with ease, takes her time to work alongside her classmates and make sure they understand it as well. She takes pride in her work, and will so incredibly honest. She has even gone out of her way to explain why she doesn't think she deserves a grade - she thought she deserved lower than she received! Her honesty stops when it puts the feelings of her classmates and friends at risk. I just adore having her in class.

Meet Mollie E., Mesnier Primary School second-grader and #afftonstrong Student. From her teacher: Mollie is a great kid! She comes to school every day ready to learn. She works hard and is making great progress toward 2nd grade goals. When work becomes challenging, she persists and maintains a positive attitude.  Mollie also has an easy-going personality that makes her a great friend and classmate to others. She works well with everyone in the class. She brings joy and imagination into whatever she's doing. She is also respectful and helpful to teachers. I know she brightens my days with lots of hugs and hand-drawn pictures. She is an important member of our school community. I can't imagine my class without her!

Meet Benjamin M., Rogers Middle School seventh-grader and #afftonstrong Student. From one of his teachers: I do not have Ben in any of my classes, but in the RMS drama club. Recently a student dropped out of a main role in the play, and Ben volunteered to step up and take the lead male role, despite having to learn all the lines and blocking late the rehearsal process. This shows dedication and conviction--traits of excellence--as well as integrity as he is following through as an ensemble member. He was a great asset in the fall play as well, as he was one of the first students to know his lines, and he helped others learn theirs. I have seen him push his comfort zone in rehearsal and performances, while also building new relationships with students he didn't know. Doing new things around people you don't know takes serious character in and of itself, especially for a middle school student. I also had the privilege of being able to watch him play volleyball in the student all-star tournament, and then in the all-star students vs. teachers games. Ben is a volleyball all-star to say the least, and he easily could have gotten frustrated with his classmates who are less-accomplished than he is at the sport, yet he remained positive in the face of adversity and continued to do his best. This performance, coupled with his performances on the stage, shows a keen ability to build and maintain relationships while also continuing to do his very best at everything he does. It is an honor to nominate Ben Meyers as an Affton Strong student. 

Meet Claire T., Mesnier Primary School second-grader and #afftonstrong Student. From her teacher:  I nominate Claire for Afftonstrong Student of the Month because of her  great work ethic and positive attitude toward school and learning.  She is a responsible, dependable, and conscientious student.  She sets high standards for herself and takes pride in her work and goes above and beyond what is required.  She has a curious mind and soaks up information like a sponge. I see that she cares about issues in our world beyond the classroom as well. She listens carefully to lessons and applies what she learns to her independent work. She loves sharing her ideas and teaching her classmates what she knows. I am proud of Claire. 

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