February 2019

Congratulations to our February 2019 #afftonstrong Students! They include:

Meet Luis A., Mesnier Primary School second-grader and #afftonstrong Student. From one of his teachers: Luis habitually exhibits the Mesnier traits being respectful, responsible, and ready to learn.  Luis is kind to all his classmates, always includes everybody, and is eager to help others and his teachers.  Finally, Luis continually gives great effort, even when challenged with new or difficult tasks he does his best.  It is a pleasure to teach Luis.

Meet Oliver E., Gotsch Intermediate School third-grader and #afftonstrong Student. From his teacher: Oliver is new to Affton this school year, but it's like he's been a part of us all along. From the very first day, he has worked hard to go above and beyond what I ask him to do in daily assignments. He pushes others to do better in their work by being articulate, a team player, always kind and cooperative, and a creative problem solver. When he is asked to be part of a group, he is a natural born leader who takes charge in a good way! The others follow his lead and want to work harder. Oliver is a joy to teach and a joy to know! 

Meet Addyson K., Mesnier Primary School second-grader and #afftonstrong Student. From her teacher: Addyson comes to school everyday with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She is always kind to her classmates and a helpful hand. She works hard everyday and shows integrity. Addyson is such a sweet girl and a great member of our classroom community. 

Meet Abigail K., Rogers Middle School - Affton eighth-grader and #afftonstrong Student. From one of her teachers: Abigail is such a joy to have in class. She works hard, asks questions, helps others, and is always pleasant to be around. She is focused and dedicated to understanding the material in class. She always takes time to explain concepts to her classmates. My favorite moment with her is hearing her say she was proud of the work she had accomplished. It brings me so much happiness to see her progress and see her so confident! She is a living example of what happens if you consistently work hard - it pays off!

Meet Paige L., Affton High School senior and #afftonstrong Student. From one of her teachers: Paige is an incredibly diligent worker and an asset to her peers. Not only is she always prepared for the daily lesson, but she is also prepared to assist her peers in catching up or developing a better understanding. Her kind and approachable demeanor makes her an excellent peer leader. I appreciate Paige's enthusiasm for and appreciation of the learning process. When she graduates, she will be dearly missed.

Meet Abbey M., Affton High School freshman and #afftonstrong Student. From one of her teachers: Abbey is the hardest worker I know. She puts her heart into everything she does and it shows. She strives to excel in every endeavor she pursues. She isn't afraid to ask questions and is the first to offer help to others. Abbey puts forth her best effort at all times and expects that from her classmates. She is relentless in being true to herself. She works hard in the classroom and on the court. It has been such an honor to be her teacher and her coach!

Meet Hajla M., Affton High School freshman and #afftonstrong Student. From one of her basketball coaches: Hejla is probably one of the most optimistic students I have ever had the pleasure of teaching, and she definitely works her hardest in the classroom. However, her most redeeming quality is the kindness she treats others with. I have never heard her say anything negative to anyone - in fact, she consistently compliments all of her peers. There is not a day that goes by where I don't hear her saying something uplifting to her classmates - and it varies who she talks to everyday. She looks to help anyone who may need it and cheers on anyone who has a success: no matter how big or small. Hejla definitely exemplifies what it means to be #afftonstrong. 
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