Parent Survey & Focus Group Results

This semester, we have reached out to our parent and staff communities in new ways to hear your voice. Below you’ll find results of both the 2016-17 Parent Survey and the Focus Group Series that was held for parents, staff and administrators earlier this year.

2016-17 Parent Survey

426 parents and guardians responded to the 2016-17 Parent Survey. Over-arching themes included the desire for:

  • Deeper and more frequent communication with teachers and schools — especially as students get older
  • More stories and information on what’s happening in the classroom, features on students who may not typically be in the spotlight, and updates on the projects funded by Props I+N
  • One location for all district, school and teacher communications, with a more functional and searchable calendar
  • More ways for parents to be involved and engaged, suggestions and programs to learn how parents can better support their kids
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Click here for a more detailed slideshow presented to the Board of Education on Feb. 21. Information from the transportation questions included on the 2016-17 Parent Survey will be presented at the Board of Education meeting on March 14.

2017 Focus Group Series

0217 - Focus Group FindingsThroughout the month of January, the Citizens Advisory Council organized a series of discussion groups as a chance to capture the voice of parents and staff at each school, as well as administrators in a separate group.

Click here for a PDF of the Key Findings.

Click here for a more detailed slideshow presented by the Citizens Advisory Council to the Board of Education on Feb. 21.