#ThankAPrincipal A-Z: Dr. Powell

Name: Vince Powell
Title: Principal
School:  Affton High School
Years With the District: 1

A – Affton Cougar memory: Creating them every day.

B – Breakfast food: Coffee

C – College(s) I attended:  Southeast Missouri State and Saint Louis University

D – Degree(s) I earned:  Bachelor of Science in Education, Specialist In Education, Master of Arts in Educational Leadership, Doctorate Of Educational Leadership

E – Every day, I start my day…: by thinking about or talking to my daughters and having a delicious cup of strong coffee

F – Favorite teacher & why:  Carolyn Pierce, because she cared. She never just stood and delivered, she was excited about her content area and had a way of passing that excitement to her students.

G – Greatest professional accomplishment: Changing a good school that did all the right things for the wrong reasons into a student centered school.

H – Hometown: Hutchinson, Kansas

I – Interested in (hobbies):  Outdoors activities, music

J – Job (first one):  I was a busboy at Paganica Country Club

K – Kindergarten memory:  Making my best friend laugh so hard milk came out of his nose.

L – Likeliest place you’ll find me on the weekend:  You won’t find me!

M – Memory (favorite):  Pheasant hunting in the wide open fields of Kansas with my dog Jake.

N – Name of your first pet:  Snoopy

O – One reason I love being Affton Strong:  There is nothing better!

P – Person I’d most like to meet & why:  My younger self to give him all the best stock tips and lottery numbers.

Q – Question I get asked:  How tall are you?

R – Reason to smile:  My Daughters

S – School subject (favorite): Science

T – Team I cheer for (in addition to the Cougars):  KC Chiefs

U – Unique fact about me:  Barry Sanders came to watch me play football.

V – Vacation destination:  Anywhere with blue water and white sand

W – Ways that I like to relax:  Working out, watching sports, fishing, hunting

X – X-rays I’ve had: I’ve had so many I glow in the dark!

Y – Year I started teaching: 1991

Z – Zoo animal: Bison