Opening Day 2016-2017

On Fri., August 12, all Affton Schools staff gathered together to celebrate the beginning of the 2016-17 school year. Dr. Steve Brotherton, superintendent, and Dr. Travis Bracht, assistant superintendent, shared the district’s focus for the upcoming school year: Bringing the district’s mission and vision to life by ensuring that all of our students have the opportunity to grow as highly capable, curious, and confident learners through customized instruction, fueled by technology integration and the passions of the Affton community.

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ICYMI: View our students engaged in innovative learning at Camp Invention.

In addition, the district Teachers of the Year were recognized:

  • Zandra Jackson, Mesnier Primary School 
  • Rachel Eaton, Gotsch Intermediate School & Affton School District
  • Katie Guiett, Rogers Middle School
  • Brian Esselman, Affton High School

Mrs. Eaton (Class of 2004), who teaches fifth grade at Gotsch Intermediate, shared Lessons From the Classroom, things she’s learned both as a teacher and some lessons she learned from colleagues who taught her while she was a student at Affton. These lessons include: 1) Build relationships; 2) BE the change; 3) Make time to create; 4) Give grace; and 5) Be a team player.

“One of the most important lessons I share with my students is that you have value and dignity – and you don’t have to earn it. You have worth no matter how you perform,” said Eaton. “I feel free to try new things in my classroom and I feel free to fail at them, too. I want my students to feel safe to take risks and fail, and that leads to real conversations about their performance, their behavior, and their academics.”

As Affton School District Teacher of the Year, she was presented with a commemorative chair for her classroom.

The following staff members were also recognized for their dedicated service to Affton School District:

10 Years

  • Colette Book, Rogers Middle School
  • Brady BlackmanAffton High School
  • Nicki HejlekGotsch Intermediate
  • Heather JuliusAffton High School
  • Heather MayfieldAffton High School
  • Laurie ScheurerMesnier Primary
  • Kathy Wagoner, Mesnier Primary
  • Jennifer WintergalenGotsch Intermediate


15 Years

  • Esma BlagajcevicRogers Middle
  • Kim Blankenship, Gotsch Intermediate
  • Judy Dunn, Transportation
  • Brian EsselmanAffton High School
  • Thomas JonesRogers Middle
  • Karen LaubertMesnier Primary
  • Karen Lower, Rogers Middle
  • Dave Walters, Buildings & Grounds


20 Years

  • Eric BowenGotsch Intermediate
  • Dane HamiltonRogers Middle
  • Tim KnoxAffton High School
  • Dee Loris, Affton High School
  • Chris Perko, Mesnier Primary




25 Years

  • Kathy Christ, Gotsch Intermediate
  • Pam Hogan, Mesnier Primary16 - Opening Day-10
  • Bev Meyer, Rogers Middle
  • Laura Montgomery, Mesnier Primary
  • Jeff Remelius, Affton High School
  • Lisa Rheinecker, Gotsch Intermediate
  • Rodger Robbins, Gotsch Intermediate
  • Sherry Timmons, Mesnier Primary
  • Amy Todt, Gotsch Intermediate
  • Sarah Unger, Mesnier Primary

30 Years

  • 16 - Opening Day-11Diane McCormack, Gotsch Intermediate