Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey Surprises Teachers, Funds Classroom Projects in Affton

Something amazing happened yesterday in schools across Missouri — teachers who had projects on found that their wishes were granted by Jack Dorsey, native St. Louisan and co-founder and CEO of Twitter.

On March 10, 2016, Dorsey decided to personally fund more than 600 Missouri teacher and classroom projects on as part of the #BestSchoolDay campaign. More than 50 actors, athletes and founders took it upon themselves to provide a boost to students and teachers. This philanthropic “flash mob” gave more than $14 million to 11,000 classroom projects across America.

0316 - MPS - 17 Gragnani Livingstone 2 webIn the St. Louis area, Dorsey funded nearly 100 projects. Two of those projects were in kindergarten classrooms at Mesnier Primary.

“I always have at least one project listed on,” said Natalie Gragnani, whose wish for leveled reading books for her kindergartners was funded. “The Teachers College recently visited Mesnier and I was really impressed by the books they suggested. I’m really excited that my kids will have access to these high-quality materials in Readers Workshop.”

Julie Livingstone submitted her very first project on last month when the school was unexpectedly closed due to a power outage.

“I thought what better way to use my surprise time off than to try to help my students,” said Livingstone. “We really needed some canvas bags in my classroom so that kids can take books home to share with their parents and families, without the books getting beat up and worn out. I’m so excited this project has been funded so quickly!”

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