Michael Thomas Alexander

AlexanderMichael Thomas Alexander
9462 Brenda Avenue
St. Louis, MO  63123


Years you have lived in the district: 10 years now

Do you have any children or other family members in the district?
None, I am an alumni

What are your goals or areas of focus as a board member?
Making sure all of the kids in the district get the most up to date education allowed by our district – also keeping our school getting the computer knowledge. As they say no child left behind…..

What previous involvement or volunteer work do you have with the Affton School District that qualifies you to run for the Board of Education?
I am member of the parents club and before this was in fathers club, so as far as a volunteer about 15 years but also have been doing the floor hockey for 40 years – yes, I said 40 years now. Also was on school board for 4 years.