Michael Shaun McNeil


Michael Shaun McNeil
8600 General Grant Lane
Crestwood, MO  63123

Occupation: Business Owner, Software Development, and Engineering Management

Years you have lived in the district: 12

Do you have any children or other family members in the district?
My 3 kids graduated from Affton High School in 2010 and 2012.

What are your goals or areas of focus as a board member?
Over the last decade Affton has gone from the bottom third of districts academically to the top third (or higher by some measures). I want to see the progress we have made and the mindset of continuous improvement become cemented into our community. This is a vision our current board shares. We believe kids that go to Affton can have a very bright future, and this will benefit us all.

What previous involvement or volunteer work do you have with the Affton School District that qualifies you to run for the Board of Education?

  • Served 9 years on the Board of Education
  • Led the Affton Basketball League for many years.
  • Served as a Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster for many years.
  • Served on the technology committee.
  • Volunteered in many capacities over the years in the schools and community.