7th Grader Wins $13,000 to Help Teens

Congratulations to Chloe Cousin, seventh-grader at Rogers Middle School, who has been named the Jamba Juice Goodness Champion!

Her idea, From Teen 2 Teen, a website for students who can anonymously seek help with bullying, depression, anxiety, and some eating disorders, was featured as one of six student projects in the national competition. As champion, Chloe will receive $8,000 to help develop her idea for her school.

This is not the first competition that Chloe has finished as a finalist. In November, she attended AdCapYouth’s regional Team Up For a Healthy America competition held at the City Museum in St. Louis. AdVenture Capital (“AdCap”) is a program that inspires, empowers, and motivates creative, curious, and brave student entrepreneurs who wish to make changes in school and community health and wellness.

Students spent the day working with professional mentors to develop a project design and pitch to improve health and wellness at their school, and then competed for a chance to win grant money It was there she first pitched her idea to a panel of judges, where she came in second place and earned $2,000.

“I thought of this idea just a few days before the competition,” said Cousin. “We were asked to find a problem in our school and think of a way to fix it. From Teen 2 Teen is what I came up with because I see my peers struggle with these issues.”

A few days later, Chloe sent a video explaining her idea to enter the Dominos Transformation Experience. Following a phone interview, she was selected as a winner, earning $3,000 for her school and her idea, and also got to visit the Dominos headquarters in Ann Arbor, Mich., to meet with their Chief Executives.

Said Cousin, “At Dominos, I got a lot of advice on how to build up your ideas and how to be confident and communicate with people. They explained that even when you fail, you can get back up and succeed.”

In December, AdCapYouth held online voting for six student finalists in their Jamba Juice Goodness competition, with two finalists from California, two from Chicago, and two from the St. Louis Team Up For a Healthy America event.

She got the call that she won this national competition, along with $8,000, on Wednesday, Feb. 3.

“I have had great support from AdCapYouth, as well as the students I met in Michigan at Domino’s headquarters,” said Cousin. “At Rogers, Mrs. Tripoli, Mr. Hoggatt, Mr. Buck, and Mrs. Kilgore are a huge support for me. I don’t think this could’ve happened without them.”

Chloe’s next steps will be to follow and expand the project design she created at the Team Up For A Healthy America event. She has earmarked part of her $13,000 winnings to get training for fellow students who serve on their school’s Mistreatment Leadership Team (MLT) to help them be able to respond to peers on the From Teen 2 Teen site, as well as to help connect teachers and adults to resources for the site.

“I have family that have reached out for help for eating disorders, my grandpa was a counselor and worked with women with anorexia and bulimia, and my mom is a counselor,” explains Cousin. “Students have always come to me for advice, even on the playground or just in school. It’s important that they have someplace they can turn to for help.”