Affton Earns 96.8% on Annual Performance Report

For the third year in a row, Affton School District has increased their overall achievement on the Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE)’s Annual Performance Report (APR). Earning 96.8% in 2015 marks a 1.1% increase over the 2014 score of 95.7%,  and a 2.5% increase over the 94.3% earned in 2013.

The APR represents a report card on the academic health of Missouri school districts, and our score provides a practical tool for the Board of Education, administrators, and teachers to identify strengths and needs in the district. The APR is comprised of scores for each of the MSIP 5 Performance Standards: 1) Academic Achievement, 2) Subgroup Achievement, 3) College and Career Readiness, 4) Attendance Rate, and 5) Graduation Rate.

“The overall results of the 2015 Affton School District APR is one more example of the district’s commitment to continuous improvement,” said Dr. Steve Brotherton, superintendent. “Since the revised accreditation system known as MSIP 5 was introduced in 2013, Affton has continued to increase the percent of points earned on our APR.  We are one of only eight districts in St. Louis County, numbering 23 districts total, to accomplish consecutive years of improvement.”

2015 MSIP 5 Performance: Affton School District

MSIP 5 Standards ​Possible Points ​Points Earned ​Percent Earned
​Academic Achievement ​56 ​56 ​100%
​Subgroup Achievement ​14 ​12 ​85.7%
​College and Career Readiness ​30 30 ​100%
​Attendance Rates ​10 7.5 ​75%
​Graduation Rate ​30 ​30 ​100%
​Total ​140 ​135.5 ​96.8%

What does the report note as strengths in Affton Schools?

Affton is a high-achieving school district and we continue to improve. Affton has consistently earned 100% of the points available in the area of academic achievement of our students, as well as our graduation rate. For the first time in 2015, the district also earned 100% of the points available for college and career readiness.

“College and career readiness measures how well students achieve on a variety of post-secondary success indicators such as advanced placement courses and exams, ACT scores, dual credit courses, and Project Lead the Way courses and exams,” explains Dr. Travis Bracht, assistant superintendent. “Notably, Affton’s three-year APR overall average is 95.6% which places Affton among nine districts in St. Louis County to achieve a three-year average above 95%.”

What areas need improvement?

In Affton, our focus continues to be on ensuring that every student is making progress and reaching higher levels of achievement.  Although we increased our performance in the area of subgroup achievement in 2015 by 3.6%, we will continue to work to improve the performance for these specific subgroups of students identified by the state education department.  We will review the APR data, along with the many other types of classroom, state and national assessments, to guide us in increasing student performance at all levels for all students.

We also recognize that student achievement is dependent upon attendance. We will be striving to increase attendance at all buildings across the district throughout the 2015-2016 school year.

“The mission of the Affton School District is to prepare all of our students to become confident and capable citizens through rigorous, customized learning,” noted Dr. Brotherton. “While we will celebrate our successes across the district, we are studying areas of improvement in order to better focus on what will help us continue to provide opportunities for all students.”