Connecting the Dots: 2015-2016 Opening Day

On Fri., August 14, all Affton Schools staff gathered together to celebrate the beginning of the 2015-16 school year. Dr. Steve Brotherton, superintendent, shared the district’s focus: Connecting the Dots between what we do every day in the classroom to the tools and initiatives we have introduced before:  Continuous Improvement, Curriculum, and Technology Integration.

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In addition, the district Teachers of the Year were recognized:

  • Amy Dahlia, Mesnier Primary School 
  • Amy Rose, Gotsch Intermediate School & Affton School District
  • Cathy Gieselman, Rogers Middle School
  • Chris Boley, Affton High School

1516OpeningDay-4Mrs. Rose, who teaches fifth grade at Gotsch Intermediate, delivered remarks which encouraged her colleagues to remember that their work is important and that they impact the lives of their students. She shared a video of parent testimonials thanking specific teachers in each school for the difference made in the life of their child. As Affton School District Teacher of the Year, she was presented with a commemorative chair for her classroom.

The following staff members were also recognized for their dedicated service to Affton School District:



10 Years

  • Senija Arslanovic, Affton High School1516OpeningDay-5a
  • Becky Blake, Rogers Middle
  • Elizabeth Cotton, Gotsch Intermediate
  • Jill Cotton, Rogers Middle
  • Terry Dollinger​, Parents As Teachers
  • Justin Hildebrand, Affton High School
  • Linda Lenzen, Parents As Teachers
  • Paul Hoggatt, Rogers Middle
  • Colleen Malone, Affton High School
  • Ann Michalski, Mesnier Primary
  • Melissa Mendoza, Gotsch Intermediate
  • Ron Medley, Gotsch Intermediate
  • Peg Muldoon, Parents As Teachers
  • Jan Nelson, Affton High School
  • Patti Patton, Rogers Middle
  • Laura Showalter, Gotsch Intermediate
  • Rebecca Sparks, Affton High School
  • David Thier, Maintenance
  • Mary Walter, Rogers Middle
  • Libby Wyatt, Mesnier Primary

15 Years

  • 1516OpeningDay-5bKathy Beezley, Rogers Middle
  • Chuck Enger, Rogers Middle
  • Beth Daniels, Rogers Middle
  • Andrew Gerwitz, Affton High School
  • Lynn Hennessy, Mesnier Primary
  • Shannon Kamp, Rogers Middle
  • Bridget Nyberg, Rogers Middle
  • Barbara Paulick, Gotsch Intermediate
  • Jennifer Pointer, Rogers Middle
  • Susan Pierce, Rogers Middle
  • Trudi Sanders, Mesnier Primary
  • Darlene Schiele, Transportation
  • Jackie Todt, Gotsch Intermediate
  • Muharem Zeric, Affton High School
  • Zevra Zeric, Mesnier Primary

20 Years

  • Linda Hobbs, Affton High School1516OpeningDay-6
  • Alison Muehlhauser, Administration
  • Mary Jane Sciales, Mesnier Primary
  • Jennifer Walburn, Mesnier Primary

25 Years

  • Gary Predmore, Maintenance