Affton Earns 2015 Outstanding Board of Education Award

Affton School District is pleased to announce that the Affton Board of Education has earned the 2015 Outstanding Board of Education Award in Teaching, Learning and Assessment from the Missouri School Board Association (MSBA).

“The Affton Board of Education is exceptionally honored to receive the Outstanding Board of Education Award from the Missouri School Board Association,” said Tom Bellavia, president of the Affton Board of Education. “We strive to bring the district’s mission to life in ensuring that we prepare all of our students to become confident and capable citizens through rigorous, customized learning. That would not be possible without the dedication of our school staff and our district leadership setting high expectations for themselves and for our students.”

At their annual Leadership Summit held on June 13, MSBA recognized 14 boards from across the state who met the award criteria in one of six categories. For Teaching, Learning and Assessment, Affton was required to meet five criteria: a current, comprehensive curriculum that is externally aligned with Missouri standards approved by the State Board of Education and internally aligned within and across grade levels and all subject areas in every school; instructional leadership and instructional practices that are based on evidence from a body of high quality research and high expectations for all students; a system that ensures continuous collection and review of applicable and reliable data guides decisions regarding instructional programs and practices; and all student populations are provided access to educational programming and resources determined by their needs.

“We could not be more proud of the Affton Board of Education, a body of volunteers who dedicate a significant amount of their time to ensure that our schools and programs are as strong as possible for the Affton community,” said Dr. Steve Brotherton, superintendent. “In the past four years, we have placed a strategic emphasis on taking a systemized approach to implementing continuous improvement, reviewing and writing curriculum, and integrating technology to support learning in our classrooms. The support of our Board is essential to our success.”

The Affton Board of Education includes Bellavia, Christopher Casteallanos, vice-president, Susan Casaleggi, treasurer, and directors Douglas Beck, Larry Knox, Michael McNeil and Patricia Zahn.