Affton Strong Student of the Month | January

This school year we will once again be recognizing one Affton student each month for the things that make them Affton Strong, both in and out of school. Our Affton Strong Student of the Month for January is:

Elise Connoley – Gotsch Intermediate School

Elise is a fourth grader at Gotsch Intermediate School and is proud to be Affton Strong! “Not only is Elise a great student, she exemplifies all of the character education traits,” said Marquita Heggins, fourth grade teacher at Gotsch, “I can always count on her to be a positive role model in and out of the classroom.”

Parents: Glen and Cathy Connoley

Sibling(s): Anna (7th grade) & Joan (almost 1)

What do you like best about Gotsch Intermediate School? I like how everyone is really nice to each other, and I don’t see a lot of arguments.

What is your favorite subject? I really like reading and writing. I enjoy reading books, and I like to write my own fiction stories. I like to be inventive and use my imagination.

What is something you’ve learned lately? We’re learning long division right now. We’ve learned up to four digit dividends.

Who is your favorite teacher you’ve ever had? I’ve always liked my SAIL teachers, Mrs. Pluff (2nd grade) and Ms. Heggins (4th grade). I like my SAIL teachers, Mrs. Kettelkamp and Mrs. Pezzani, because they are really kind and they challenge me. If I don’t understand, they explain and they’re patient. Mrs. Pluff is patient, too, and she always encouraged and challenged me. She is one of the nicest teachers I’ve ever had. Ms.Heggins is the same as Mrs. Pluff, kind and encouraging. She makes sure everyone in class is working at the level that we’re comfortable with. She helps when needed, and she gives more challenging work when needed.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be either a teacher or an author. If I was a teacher, I would be a writing teacher for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades, or if I was an author, I would want to be an historical fiction author like Laura Ingalls Wilder.

What do you like to do for extracurricular activities or outside of school? I’m a Girl Scout, and I like to build things with cardboard and duct tape. I made a giant house taller than me in my bedroom. I enjoy doing my homework and reading in there.

If you could meet anyone famous, who would you want to meet? Laura Ingalls Wilder because I just finished her books, and I really enjoyed them. I would want to ask questions about what she didn’t include in the books. I really liked when she talks about Christmases being really happy and the entire family being really excited. .

What has been your proudest moment? In first grade I wrote a book about anti-bullying. I gave it to the counselor, and I got on the news for that. It was a really cool moment.

What do you want people to know about Affton Schools? I think the schools are really good, and we learn a lot. In the classroom we are a big team that works together to reach a goal. We also have a lot of fun! Everybody is really kind and encouraging as well.

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