Affton Strong Student of the Month | April

This school year we will be recognizing one Affton student each month for the things that make them Affton Strong, both in and out of school. Our Affton Strong Student of the Month for April is:

Harlee Andrews – Affton Early Childhood

Harlee is a pre-kindergarten student at Affton Early Childhood and is proud to be Affton Strong! “Harlee is a wonderful student and friend to her peers. She always walks into school with a smile and greets her friends,” said her teacher, Erica Grissom. “Harlee will always try to include a friend in a center and encourage others to try new things! She loves to draw, write, sing, dance and play at school. Harlee is a great role model in our Pre-Kindergarten classroom.”

Parents: James and Anna Andrews

What do you like best about Affton Early Childhood?  I like doing centers.

What is your favorite thing to learn or do? Every single center.

What is something you’ve learned lately? We’re learning about weather. My favorite is sunny because I can’t wait until summer! We’ve had so much winter. I’m tired of winter.

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A veterinarian because I love animals. My favorites are dogs and cats. I have two dogs (Max and Bella) and two guinea pigs (Scratch and Jackson, but his nickname is Jack).

What do you like to do outside of school? I take gymnastics. I love the bars because you get to twist and turn.

If you could meet someone famous, who would you want to meet? Dora the Explorer because she’s an explorer. And she saves kitties.

What has been your proudest moment?  When I do the right thing, I’m proud of myself. Like when a book fell down, I picked it up and put it back.

What do you want people to know about Affton Schools? It’s fun! All kids should go to Affton Early Childhood — we get to eat lunch in the kitchen, have nap time, go outside. We have lots of fun!

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