Affton Strong Student of the Month | December

This school year we will be recognizing one Affton student each month for the things that make them Affton Strong, both in and out of school. Our Affton Strong Student of the Month for December is:

Gavyn Stanley – Affton Early Childhood

Gavyn is a preschool student at Affton Early Childhood and is proud to be Affton Strong! Says his teacher, Erin Summers, “When we first met Gavyn last February, he was a very shy and reserved child. He was quiet and didn’t participate much. Over the past year, Gavyn  grew into an independent and charming student! He has become a great friend to all his classmates and enjoys  laughing and playing with them. He loves his teachers and therapists and participates happily in every activity. His hard work and determination illustrate why he is our shining star. He exemplifies Affton Strong!”

Parents: John and Amanda Stanley

Sibling(s): Nevin (a Kindergartner at Mesnier Primary), Skyler, and Gideon.

What do you like best about Affton Early Childhood?  We had a concert and singing!!

What is your favorite thing to do at school? Cook and play with toys.

What is something you’ve learned lately? Get things ready with Ms. Chris. (Talking about getting a gingerbread cooking activity ready with the school’s Speech Language Pathologist.)

What do you want to be when you grow up? Be a helper.

What do you like to do outside of school? Play with my toys.

If you could meet someone famous, who would you want to meet? My favorite people are my brothers.

What has been your proudest moment?  I can make a G.

Why do you like Affton Early Childhood? My teachers make me happy!

2013-14 Affton Strong Students of the Month:
Adis Terzic – Affton High School
Sarah Beth Head – Mesnier Primary
Rachael Odhiambo – Rogers Middle
Jonathan Perez – Gotsch Intermediate