Affton Education Foundation Awards Over $25,000 to Affton Teachers

Affton teachers were surprised in their classrooms by members of the Affton Education Foundation when they were awarded grants on Tuesday, Oct. 30.

The Affton Education Foundation, founded in 2005, raises funds designated for teacher grants to support extraordinary efforts in the classroom. Over 20 grants are provided each year by the Foundation to Affton teachers. These grants, in amounts up to $1000 each, enrich the curriculum with activities and technology.

For the 2012-2013 school year, the Foundation awarded $25,450 for 27 grants, which included: books, videos, online curriculum, iPads, Apple TV so work on iPads can be translated to SmartBoards, reimbursement and cost reduction for ACT and Advanced Placement testing, financial support for a Junior and Senior trip to the 2013 Presidential Inauguration, video equipment, and more.

  • Linda Lenzen, Affton Early Childhood Parents As Teachers, Stay & Play
  • Beth Osterhage, Mesnier Primary School, Hands On Workstations & Movement Activities
  • Laurie Clark, Mesnier Primary School, Multisensory Language Education
  • Kristina Pluff, Mesnier Primary School, Taking Numerical Know-How to the Next Level
  • Cheryl Ladd, Mesnier Primary School, Differentiated Instruction & Common Core Math
  • Kim Duy, Mesnier Primary School, Reading Workshop
  • Jennifer Conkwright, Mesnier Primary School, Literacy Manipulative & Books for Differentiating Instruction
  • Julie Livingstone, Mesnier Primary School, Piloting Daily 5 in a Kindergarten Classroom
  • Debbie Reid, Gotsch Intermediate School, iPads for Small Group Counseling
  • Kim Blankenship, Gotsch Intermediate School, Corrective Reading
  • Jennifer Wintergalen, Gotsch Intermediate School, Leveled Books
  • Ann Ratliff, Gotsch Intermediate School, e-Books for Everyone
  • Lisa Rheinecker & Lydia Ross, Gotsch Intermediate School, BrainPop
  • Jennifer Roach, Rogers Middle School, Document-Based Questioning in History
  • Mandi Tripoli, Rogers Middle School, Photoshop Fanatics
  • Jennifer Pointer & Shannon Kamp, Rogers Middle School, Garden Service Project
  • Daniel Polokonis, Affton High School, AP Calculus Exam Cost Reduction
  • Mary Carpenter, Affton High School, ACT Fee Reimbursement for Class of 2014
  • Paul Hoggatt, Affton High School, Operation Apple TV
  • Rob Walker & Cathy Cartier, Affton High School, Printers for iPads
  • Tony Muyco, Dee Loris & Brian Esselman, Affton High School, Student Trip to the 2013 Presidential Inauguration
  • Rebecca Sparks, Affton High School, Energy, Electrons and the Atom
  • Brian Jennings, Affton High School, AP English Literature & Composition Exam Cost Reduction
  • Colleen Malone, Affton High School, New Cinematic Techniques
  • Angela Early, Affton High School, AP Government & Politics Exam Cost Reduction
  • Judith Rethwisch, Affton High School, Exemplary Theatre Program Funding
  • Gina Stewart, Jessica Andrews & Lisa Foppe, Affton High School, iPad for Language Therapy

For additional information or to support the Affton Education Foundation, please visit their website at