Sculpture Installed at Affton Early Childhood

Affton Early Childhood students will always see the sun shining in front of their school. A custom sculpture, crafted by former Affton School District art teacher Don Horstman, was installed at the corner of Reavis Road and Reavis Park Drive on August 31.

“We’ve been working on this project for a long time,” said Horstman. “It’s very exciting to see it come to life and it will be a great addition to Affton Early Childhood for many years to come.”

Horstman and his wife, Carol Sue, worked with superintendent Dr. Steve Brotherton, members of the Board of Education, and Affton Early Childhood staff to create a vision that would capture the fun and excitement of the early childhood program.

The sculpture, which stands 11 feet tall, is dual sided and made from quarter-inch rolled steel. It is painted purple, the signature color of the Affton School District, and features figures of children at play. It is topped by a yellow sun and kites of many colors that look to float above the children, and if you look closely, you’ll find a small dog included in the fun.