Welcome Back! We Are AFFTON STRONG!

On Friday, Aug 10, the Affton School District held the 2012-13 Kickoff at AHS. This year, we’re focusing our efforts on being Affton Strong — from the moment a student walks in our doors until graduation from high school, each school has a theme that you’ll be seeing throughout the year when you visit:

  • Affton Early Childhood, Play Strong
  • Mesnier Primary, Start Strong
  • Gotsch Intermediate, Grow Strong
  • Rogers Middle, Think Strong
  • Affton High School, Finish Strong

Additionally, the program will extend to encompass Affton staff and administration, alumni, and the entire community:

  • Staff & Administration, Lead Strong
  • Affton Alumni, Alumni Strong
  • Affton School District & Community, Affton Strong

Also at the Kickoff, the four Teachers of the Year were acknowledged. They are:

  • Lynn Hennessy, Mesnier Primary
  • Nicki Hejlek, Gotsch Intermediate
  • Beth Daniels, Rogers Middle
  • Cathy Cartier, Affton High School and Affton School District

Dr. Steve Brotherton, superintendent, surprised Cathy Cartier with the announcement that she is the 2012-13 Missouri Teacher of the Year, which was celebrated by district staff and Mrs. Cartier’s family. (Additional information here.)

The following staff members were also recognized during the Kickoff for their dedicated service:

10 Years

  • Karen Ackerman, Gotsch Intermediate
  • Chris Boley, Affton High School
  • Cathy Cartier, Affton High School
  • Katie Guiett, Rogers Middle
  • Jay Heckenkamp, Affton High School
  • Cate Honse, Affton High School
  • Jen Laue, Gotsch Intermediate
  • Maria McDermott, Affton High School
  • Nancy Nieder, Affton High School
  • Kevin Roe, Affton High School
  • Mandy Smith, Affton High School
  • Ron Spicer, Administration
  • Bill Wagner, Administration
  • Rachel Watson, Administration

15 Years

  • Mike Ackermann, Affton High School
  • Angie Black, Gotsch Intermediate
  • Jim Eby, Administration
  • Melissa Eckhard, Administration
  • Sandy Kettelkamp, Mesnier Primary
  • Donna LaBruyere, Gotsch Intermediate
  • Sean McDermott, Administration
  • Chris Mizell, Mesnier Primary
  • Chris Rethwisch, Mesnier Primary
  • Judy Spano, Administration
  • Anna Steffen, Gotsch Intermediate

20 Years

  • Mark Hoffman, Gotsch Intermediate
  • Dan Oliver, Affton High School

25 Years

  • Laurie Clark, Mesnier Primary
  • Rose Davis, Gotsch Intermediate
  • Scott Gerheauser, Rogers Middle
  • Cathy Gieselman, Rogers Middle
  • Mary Beth Graefe, Rogers Middle
  • Chuck Hahl, Administration
  • Elaine Italiano, Transportation
  • Denise Moore, Mesnier Primary
  • Sandy Sondag, Transportation
  • Jenny Stark, Gotsch Intermediate

30 Years

  • Mary Anne Edelman, Rogers Middle
  • Carol Loehr, Administration