NEW B Day Schedule Begins Aug 22

2nd Period   7:40-9:10
Seminar      9:15-10:00
4th Period   10:05-11:55
      A Lunch - 10:55-11:15
      B Lunch - 11:15-11:35
      C Lunch - 11:35-11:55
6th Period   12:00-1:30

We will dismiss at 1:30 pm. (not 1:45 pm)
Lunches will be 20 mins on B days.

This small change will save the district over $10,000 in transportation
costs (extra drivers and buses) and help to eliminate crowding with the
middle school and high school students doubling up on the buses.  Having a
25 mins window between dismissals of the high school and middle school
allows a more efficient bus schedule.