Affton Early Childhood Mission Statement

Affton Early Childhood Mission Statement:

The Affton School District’s Early Childhood Education offers families a strong educational foundation beginning at birth.  We recognize and believe that all children are born ready to learn.  We will create and maintain a developmentally appropriate environment for learning while empowering families to participate in and enhance their children’s education.  We encourage children to develop socialization skills, independence, and positive self-image and express their own ideas and feelings.  We recognize and foster an active partnership between home and school.

We believe that each child enrolled in our program contributes unique talents and abilities to a classroom creating a rich and quality education.  The friendships that each child creates in Affton Early Childhood can continue to grow as they transition into grade school.  This not only makes for long term friendships, but also makes the transition into grade school easier.

Our program is available only to Affton residents and district employees.