Visitors from Costa Rica

Four members of a Costa Rican family visited the Spanish Honors II classes on Tuesday, December 15IMG_2249. After a couple of days preparing interview questions on their Chromebooks, the students copied their questions for the interview (as shown in the pictures). The students enjoyed practicing their skills while learning about another culture and having an authentic experience with native speakers. The students learned about the differences between the two countries.

Imagine immense Ecological Reserves with volcanoes and beaches, no military, two-lane highways with hours of traffic, and trash-ridden streets. They also saw common-day connections: the father works for the Costa Rican Soccer Federation and spends five hours daily in traffic; the mother is a happy “cleaning and shopping-addict”; the daughter currently studies psychology; and the son-in-law is an avid cyclist, who has two jobs.  What an amazing experience!IMG_2248