Chromebook Insurance Program

Chromebook Insurance Program is being offered to all AHS students. If a student plans to take a Chromebook home over the summer, then the student’s parent or guardian must enroll the student in the Chromebook Insurance Program. This program could save  money should the Chromebooks be damaged over the summer. See attached flyer for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll? 

Visit and select Enroll My Device.

How do I pay for my insurance?

Payments can be made online.

What if I choose not to enroll?  

You will need to return your Chromebook on May 26th, 27th, or 28th. Additional details on this coming soon. 

What if my Chromebook is already damaged? 

You will be responsible for any damages that occurred prior to enrolling in the program. 

What if I lose my Chromebook over the summer or I have already lost my Chromebook?

The Chromebook Insurance Program DOES NOT cover lost or stolen Chromebooks.  

What if I’m in summer school and I need my Chromebook?

You will have until the end of summer school to enroll. This is option is only available for summer school students.