AHS Seniors Recognized by C-SPAN

Pictured from left: Tony Muyco, social studies teacher at Affton High School, with seniors Sam Pointer, Johnathan Frey and Courtney Kroeger

Three Affton High School students have been recognized by C-SPAN in their annual StudentCam documentary competition. Johnathan Frey, Courtney Kroeger and Sam Pointer received honorable mention and a $250 prize for their project titled “Marriage in Missouri.” Click here to view.

Each year since 2006, C-SPAN has invited middle school and high school students to produce short documentaries on an issue of national importance. This year, students used video cameras to answer the question, ​“The Three Branches and You: tell a story that demonstrates how a policy, law, or action by either the executive, legislative, or judicial branch has affected you or your community.”

In response, C-SPAN received 2,280 video submissions from almost 5,000 students in 45 states and Washington. Students worked in teams or as individuals to address a wide range of public policy issues, from education to healthcare to minimum wage and immigration.

“On the first day of school, I ask this question to my students: ‘What problems do you want to solve?’ The C-SPAN StudentCam Project gave my students the opportunity to answer this question,” said Tony Muyco, social studies teacher at Affton High School. “I’m very proud of Courtney, Sam, and Johnathon for creating a creative and informative video. Their passion for the issue of gay rights led to an amazing project. The role of the teacher and students were reversed after watching the video. I learned so much from this experience.”

“Now in its eleventh year, the competition saw its greatest number of participants ever,” says Craig McAndrew, C-SPAN Manager of Education Relations. “All aspects of these student video productions, including the research, planning, and diverse range of expert interviews, demonstrate the highest levels of critical thought and initiative. StudentCam affords our nation’s youth a platform to express their opinions on national issues, and we’re confident these documentaries will prove eye opening and inspire viewers across the country.”

The annual competition is sponsored by the C-SPAN Education Foundation. Videos were evaluated by a panel of educators and C-SPAN representatives based on the thoughtful examination of the competition’s theme, quality of expression, inclusion of varying sides of the documentary’s topic, and effective incorporation of C-SPAN programming.