Online Meal Payment Coming Soon

Beginning Monday, Jan. 12, we will have an ONLINE meal payment option for our HIGH SCHOOL students. ENTIRE district rollout will occur closer to FEBRUARY 1.

To better support the needs of our Affton families, we have built a system to allow you to make payments to your child(ren)’s lunch account using a variety of online methods. We hope that this system makes it easier to handle the finances surrounding the school breakfast/lunch program.
For online payments, we have partnered with Permission Click, a company dedicated to making all school payments as easy as possible for parents. The Permission Click debit system allows you to pay in advance for meals and ala carte items, including milk, juice and snacks. Online payments can be made using debit or credit cards with a nominal service fee per transaction. Students will still have the option to deposit cash or checks on a daily basis without a service fee.
Payments made prior to midnight will be available for students by LUNCH the next day. You can enter money into any student account in any Affton school with the following information: first name, last name, student lunch PIN number, and name of school.
Please note that there are some fees associated with using the system. See a list of examples below for additional details on fees.
$10 deposit to lunch account = $10.85 total charge
$25 deposit to lunch account = $26.35 total charge
$50 deposit to lunch account = $52.85 total charge
$100 deposit to lunch account = $105.35 total charge
*There is a 5% service fee plus $0.35 for each deposit
Parents will be able to add deposits to multiple student accounts in one transaction even if the students attend different schools in the district. On step 1 in Permission Click, simply click the ‘Add Another Child’ button to add as many children as required. In step 2 you will have the ability to select the amount to be deposited on a per child basis. The service fee is based on dollar amount being added to the accounts, while the 35 cents per transaction fee would only apply once to the entire transaction no matter how many children are being added.
Permission Click is a secure and safe way to electronically deposit money. Their systems are fully compliant with all security regulations and card industry requirements, and transactions are encrypted using a variety of security measures.
To add money to your lunch accounts, follow the steps below.
2. Enter Student Name, Your E-mail, and Your Name.
(Notice that you can add multiple students here as well as it generated an electronic signature.)
3. Click SUBMIT
4. Enter your amount.
(You will see the transaction fee added and eventually the credit card charge as you enter your amount.)
5. Enter Student PIN number and School Name
6. Click NEXT.
7. Enter your credit card information and hit SUBMIT.
8. Money will be deposited in your student/s account by LUNCH the next day.
If you have any questions about the program, feel free to contact Dr. Robert Dillon, Director of Technology and Innovation at 314-633-8770.