2014 Summer Parent Newsletter

July 9, 2014


Dear Parents of AHS students,


Happy Summer to you!  I hope you are enjoying the warm weather by relaxing by the pool,  reading a great book, or attending many of the great attractions around St. Louis–the Zoo, Missouri Botanical Gardens, the Muny or a Cardinal baseball game!

AHS just finished our summer school program on July 2.  Many thanks to Brian Boehm, our summer school principal and to the teachers who taught remedial or enrichment courses to our 6-12th grade students at the high school.  They worked around the crews painting/ cleaning classrooms, installing air conditioning in both gyms and refinishing the wooden bleachers in the lower gym.  These upgrades are part of the district’s Building and Facilities 3-5 year- long range planning needs for the schools.  AHS will be welcoming the class of 2018 with many new upgrades!

Chromebooks:  As most of you are aware, each AHS student will receive a Dell Chromebook this fall.  They will be distributed before school and also during the first week of school (for those who are unable to attend the early pick up dates).

Seniors:   Aug. 4  2-5pm

Juniors:  Aug. 5  2-5pm

Sophomores:  Aug. 6  2-6pm

Freshmen:Aug. 7  2-6pm

Open Pick up:Aug. 8  9-11am

It is essential that both parents and students are present for those pickup days as parents will have to sign forms in order to pick up the Chromebook, and students will need to login to verify that the computer is working and ready to go.  There will be plenty of support during those pickup day to support our families.

We will also have a new program called Schoology. This website will allow for greater communication between students, parents, and teachers throughout the year on class calendars, homework assignments, and other class information.  This will, for the most part, replace the teachers’ websites.  We also will be using Google docs as a way to collaborate between students and build a more paperless environment at our school. All of these tools are designed to change the way that learning takes place so that students will have a greater engagement around their learning.

To add to our efforts to increase our communication between school and families, we have a new Student Information System for our grades, lunch accounts, discipline recording, and attendance. Tyler Student Information System, which replaces Powerschool, will allow Affton to nest its reporting of finances, grades, state core data, and attendance under one system. Tyler’sparent portal will continue to allow you to have the most up to date information on your teen’s schedule, grades, assignments, attendance, accounts (lunch, library/book fines).

New faces and new job roles!  We welcome to our AHS team:

Tim Luecke–Assistant Principal-9th and 10th graders

Manuel HerreraCoordinator of 1:1 Programming

Mary Giunta–College and Career Counselor

Jaime Delgado–PE/ Health teacher

Patrick KramerEnglish Teacher

Don Henning–Part time English Teacher/ TA

Josh Boyd–Part time Business Teacher/ TA

Donald Martin–Industrial Tech/ Social Studies teacher

Jeff RemeliusFinish Strong Academy/ online

courses/ Missouri Options Director

Science PTTBA


Athletic secretary-TBA


We have a few more positions that we are hiring for over the summer, and as they are Board approved, we will keep you updated.

New courses:  We are offering several new courses for this fall:

  • Bosnian American Studies (through the English dept, and taught by Mr. Brian Jennings)
  • Aerospace (through PLTW engineering offerings, and taught by Mr. Aaron Bernabo)
  • Forensics (through the science dept, and taught by Ms. Allyson Wall)
  • Zoology (through the science dept, and taught by Ms. Allyson Wall)
  • Computer Animation (through the business dept, and taught by Ms. Rebecca Koblents)
  • Online Anatomy for UMSL ACP college credit (through the science dept, and taught by Ms. Laurie Free)
  • Online Personal Finance (through the business dept, and taught by Ms. Rebecca Koblents)
  • COOP/CCE–Cooperative Career Education/ work experience credit (through the business dept and taught by Ms. Rebecca Koblents)
  • English I Workshop:  Literacy, Literature and Composition (through the English Dept, and taught by Ms. Anna Whitehead
  • AP Physics  (through the science dept, and taught by Mr. Aaron Bernabo)


Our dedicated staff have developed courses with rigor, and relevance which relate to careers and post-secondary plans for our students. We are excited about these course offerings for our students.  In addition to these courses, we are offering many on-line courses for enrichment opportunities for our students.  For a complete list of these, please consult the 2014-15 Course Guidebook or talk to your child’s guidance counselor.

We will be updating our AHS website with the 2014-15 ABC calendar, events, and schedules.

Just a reminder, this year, we are focusing on our DESE and district goal to have 90% of the students at school 90% of the time, so beginning this fall, ALL students must have 90% or better attendance to attend the Homecoming Dance Oct. 11, the Glow Dance December  19, and Sports Night on March 19.  It is our hope, that with parent partnership, we can accomplish our goal to have increased student attendance and increased student achievement this year!  Of course, we will take into account excused absences for doctor’s appointments and verified medical excuses.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me:

c-314-277-0688 or email:  sjackson@afftonschools.net


Enjoy those dog days of summer—-they will soon turn into the cooler, fall days of football, soccer, cross country, swimming and volleyball:)

—Sue Jackson

Principal, Affton High