Half Day Preschool

Parents may choose two or four half days a week of school for their preschooler.  The morning session, which is for our 3 and 4 year olds, is 8:30-11:30.  Preschools who will be going to kindergarten the next school year (4 & 5 year old)  attend in the afternoon from 12:15-3:15.

Our classroom teachers have a bachelor degree or higher in Education. They are all certified by the state of Missouri in Early Childhood Education and/or Early Childhood Special Education. Each classroom is supported by one or more teacher assistants.

Affton Early Childhood is part of the Affton School District and is in partnership with Affton School District’s Parents as Teachers program, and St. Louis County Special School District to offer our enrolled students a variety of opportunities and resources.

Most of our half day classrooms have both students with and without disabilities.  This allows students regardless of disability, race, creed, language, or gender, the opportunities to live, work, and play in integrated environments and activities.  This type of classroom setting teaches all children to make choices and regulate their own behavior within the social environment.

Families with multiple children enrolled in our program will pay full price for the first child and then receive a 15% discount on tuition for all other children.