Birth – 1 1/2 Months


  • Turns head to sound of parents’ voice
  • Responds to, but does not yet localize sounds
  • Different cries express different needs
  • Makes simple sounds when awake, like “eh”


  • Focuses on high contrast objects
  • Observes surroundings briefly
  • Gazes at faces
  • Brings hand to mouth and sucks
  • Tracks an object or person moving slowly at close range
  • May imitate parents’ facial expressions


  • Shows when over stimulated (averts face, sleeps, becomes fussy)
  • Prefers faces over all other visual stimulation
  • Can be comforted by caregiver
  • Makes brief eye contact


  • Lifts head briefly when lying on tummy
  • Sucks effectively
  • Movements largely controlled by reflexes

Suggested Books:

  • Baby Faces by M. Miller
  • Padded Board Books: Baby Faces
  • My First Mother Goose by I. A. Opie & R. Wells

Suggested Activities:

  • Tummy Time