8 – 14 Months


  • Responds to simple request
  • Responds to “no” sometimes
  • Responds to own named when called
  • Listens for a few minutes to rhymes and songs
  • Looks at books and points to familiar pictures
  • Understands 10 frequently used words
  • Points, gestures, or makes sounds to indicate wants and needs
  • Jabbers
  • Tries to say a few words, including dada and mama specifically


  • Examines small objects and details
  • Experiments purposefully with object to discover the effects of his actions (e.g. light switch)
  • Repeats acts which have produced interesting effects
  • Remembers the location of hidden objects (e.g. TV remote)
  • Places a round shape into a shape sorter
  • Imitates the function of objects


  • Knows the difference between familiar people and strangers
  • Tries to be included in activities of the family
  • Gets caregivers’ attention and wants to be near them
  • Show parents when needs help
  • Plays simple games such as pat a cake and so big
  • Shows affection, annoyance, anger, surprise
  • Observes and imitates actions of people
  • Shows satisfaction with own accomplishments; smiles
  • Initiates interaction with familiar people
  • Test caregivers’ reactions
  • Feeds self with fingers


  • Pulls self to stand
  • Cruises
  • Lowers self to a sitting position
  • Stands alone
  • Walks with assistance
  • Climbs stairs and other low objects
  • Turns pages in a stiff book
  • Tosses or throws without control
  • Bangs two objects together
  • Stacks 2-3 blocks of similar objects
  • Picks up tiny objects with thumb and index finger (pincer grasp)
  • Uses index finger to point

Suggested Books

  • Smile by R. Grobel
  • Grow! Babies! by P. Gentieu
  • Pots and Pans by P. Hubbell
  • Play Rhymes by M. Tolon Brown
  • Copy Cat Faces by D. Chancellor

Suggested activities:

  • Practice cruising
  • Paper pull (material or strips of paper in a tissue box)
  • Push toys
  • Clothes pins in a bottle
  • Chips in a can