5 1/2 – 8 Months


  • Associates some sounds heard with objects and people seen
  • Looks for named parent
  • Squeals, shrieks, or makes other loud noises
  • Vocalizes single syllables, such as ba, pa, da, ma, and na
  • Babbles using repeated syllables such as ma ma ma, ba ba


  • Briefly looks at pictures in books
  • Tries to explore everything with mouth
  • Experiments with the effects of throwing, dropping, shaking, and banging objects
  • Searches for objects which have been dropped of partly hidden
  • Anticipates the effects of actions
  • Demonstrates intense curiosity through constant exploration
  • Reaches into a container to get objects


  • Shows concern when parent leaves the room
  • Enjoys simple games such as peek a boo
  • Enjoys affectionate play
  • Seeks attention from caregiver
  • Spends longer periods of time not crying


  • Sits without support or help
  • Rolls, scoots or pulls body with arms
  • Stands, holding on to support
  • Grasps or turns objects with control
  • Transfers objects from one hand to the other
  • Bangs two objects together

Suggested Books:

  • Baby’s Animal Friends by P.Dunn
  • Bath Books: Bathtime
  • Touch and Feel Baby Animal by DK Books
  • Peek a Boo by J. Ormerod

Suggested Activities:

  • Balls in a Bowl
  • Baby Games (Peek a Boo, So Big)
  • Cause and Effect toys
  • Labeling body parts