Frequently Asked Questions

How hold does my child have to be to start at AECC?
3 years of age by the 1st day of school. Those turning 3 after the start of school may contact AECC one month prior to the child’s 3rd  Enrollment will be based on availability.  Your child can be placed on a waiting list at this time if the 3 year old program is full.

Are you part of the Affton School District?
We follow the ASD calendar which includes Winter Break, Spring Break, Snow Days, etc.

Is there a cost?
Please see the Schedule Form in the Registration section for pricing.

Do you offer any assistance or do you have a sliding fee?
We have a few Scholarships for our Half-Day program only. You must be a resident of Affton, actively involved in the Parents As Teachers program, complete a Scholarship application, and submit additional requested paperwork.  Scholarships are reviewed by a panel of staff and selected based on those with the greatest need.

Do you accept Child Care Assist?
Yes – for residents of Affton only.

Is there bus transportation?

Does my child have to be potty-trained?
You will need to discuss this with your child’s teacher so she knows where your child is in the process.

What hours are the school day?
Full-Day: 8:30am – 3:15pm.  Available for all age groups.  You can choose 2, 3, or 5 days per week.

Half-Day/Morning: 8:30am-11:30am.  Available for 3 year olds and younger 4 year olds.  You can choose between 2 or 4 days per week.

Half-Day/Afternoon: 12:15pm-3:15pm.  Available for children who will be attending kindergarten the following year.  (Children must be 5 years of age by midnight on July 31st in order to attend Kindergarten).  You can choose from 2, 3, 4, or 5 days per week.

Do you offer care before and after the school day?
We offer Before Care for our Morning and Full-Day students. Before Care opens at 6:30am.  After Care is offered for our Afternoon and Full-Day students.  After Care closes at 6:00pm.  There is an additional cost for Before and After Care.  Refer to the Schedule Form in the Registration section for pricing.

Do I have to be a resident of Affton?
Registration is offered to our current families first followed by the Affton community.  Non-resident families may register as of May 1st.  Enrolled is based on availability and there is a non-resident rate.  Refer to the Schedule Form in the Registration section for pricing.

Is there Care offered when school is not in session?
We offer ‘Special Day’ Care when there is No school except for: Legal holidays, the break between the last day of school and the 1st day of the summer program, and the break between the last day of the summer program and the start of school and snow days.  Enrollment for Care on Special Days is required in advance.  There is an additional cost for Care on these Special Days.

Are meals provided?
Before Care: Breakfast is provided as long as the child is here by 8:00 a.m.

Half- Day Program: Snack is provided.

Full-Day Program: Snack and lunch are provided.

After Care: Snack is provided.

How do payments for tuition work?
Tuition is broken down into monthly payments.

Tuition is due on the 10th of the previous month. Example:  September’s tuition is due on August 10th.  You may pay via cash, check, debit or credit card, or via your bank’s internet bill pay.  Please refer to the ‘Registration Agreement’ of the Registration forms for more details.

What type of Curriculum do you use?
We have a Project Construct philosophy. We are currently in the process of writing curriculum.  Curriculum and instruction are guided by the Missouri Early Learning Standards.  Classroom instruction involves social/emotional development, language and literacy, math, science, and physical development.

Can we come in for a tour?
Please call the office at (314) 633-5988 to schedule a tour.

Is there a discount for more than 1 child enrolled at AECC?
There is a 15% discount for the 2nd child enrolled. This discount also applies to more than one child enrolled in AECC’s Before and After Care program.

Do you offer a Summer program?
We offer an 8-week Summer Program which is broken down into eight 2-week sessions. You can sign up for as many sessions as you would like.  It is Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 1:00pm daily.  Before and After Care is available.  There is a cost for the program.  Registration begins in April.

Are your teachers certified?
All classroom teachers are certified. Every classroom has a teacher and a teacher assistant.  The class sizes range from 12 to 18 depending on the age and structure of the classroom.