Bully Prevention Hotline

Bullying of any kind is wrong – physical, verbal, online or off, before, during or after school – it is never acceptable. To help in our prevention efforts, Affton School District has instituted a Bully Prevention Hotline. The purpose of this program is to create a two-way means for students, parents, guardians and others to report incidents of bullying, harassment, intimidation and information on potential harmful or violent acts by others.

The Bully Prevention Hotline number is:

(314) 472-3497

Text Message or Voice Calls Received

 How it works:

  • The Bully Prevention Hotline can receive voice calls and text messages.
  • To send a voice call, simply dial the number and after the short greeting, leave your message.
  • To text, enter the number followed by the text message.
  • The service is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who receives the messages?

  • A designated school official receives the message directly. No one else reads or sees the messages.

What information should be sent?

  • The more information we are given, the more help we can provide immediately. Users are encouraged to provide as much information as possible or as much as they feel comfortable providing.
  • As noted above, we can reply to messages and have an anonymous conversation with the sender. We may ask for more information as necessary.
  • If a Bully Prevention Hotline user is providing a tip on violence or harmful acts that are being planned by others, we ask that he or she provide as much specific information as possible immediately so we can ensure the safety of all students and faculty.
  • Anyone who would like to leave a call back number, or his or her identity, is encouraged to do so.