Contacting the Board

The Affton School District has policies and regulations, approved by the Board of Education. Affton’s procedures and consequences, as well as an approved behavioral code for students, are the guidelines that allow for fairness and consistency as we serve our students and families.

These policies and regulations can be found here: Policies

All students enrolled in the Affton School District receive a Student Discipline Guidelines handbook that includes this information. It is distributed at the beginning of each school year and is to be shared with parents and guardians.

Additionally, our communication protocol for addressing concerns is as follows:
Step One: Talk with the teacher or guidance counselor at your child’s school.
Step Two: Contact your school principal and/or assistant principal.
Step Three: Share your concerns with the superintendent.

If your concern has not been resolved at those levels, citizens are invited to send a written request to the Board secretary to be filed with the Board of Education. Patrons may also call or e-mail Board of Education members or share a patron comment at a Board meeting.